Delinquency - Fourteenth Judicial District Bar Dues Only 

Members are past due as of the date on their printed invoice. Most active members for 2016-2017 have a due date of Friday, November 18, 2016. Any payment postmarked by Monday November 21 will be posted without a service charge. Payments sent or made online after November 21 should include the $15 service charge. 

Before a member is reported to the NC State Bar as delinquent, that member will receive multiple email reminders followed by a two-year bill for the subsequent fiscal year. That two-year bill is essentially a final notice. Those who remain unpaid or unresolved are then reported to the NC State Bar. The NCSB typically issues a Notice to Show Cause to each individual who remains over one year past due in the payment of their local Judicial District Bar dues. 


Invoice Reprints 

Your billing address was taken from the NC State Bar Roster as of July 15, 2014. To update your address with the Fourteenth, you must update your address with the NC State Bar. To view and download a reprint of your invoice, you may scroll through the VERY LARGE attached file. 

2016 Dues Invoices - VERY LARGE FILE in ZIP CODE ORDER- USE CTRL + F to find your own name or Bar # 


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